Welcome to phpWallet documentation

The first step in the installation process is to make sure that your server has all the prerequisites necessary to host phpWallet. Most server with Cpanel already have all the prerequisites included.

Server requirements

  • PHP >= 7.1.*
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • PHP Fileinfo extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • GD Library
  • CURL Library
  • PHP mod_rewrite enabled
  • A server that supports Symlinks

Upload files, create a database and an email with cpanel

  • Upload The phpWallet zip file to your server's public_html/ folder.
  • Create a database and write-down the database name, user , and password for step 2
  • Import the .sql to your recently created databse. Use your cpanel phpMyadmin
  • Create an email account and write-down the email's smtp info for step 2

Setting enviroment variables

  • In your server go to .. /public_html/application/.env and edit the .env file


Configuring PayPal

Add PayPal API keys

  • go to .. /public_html/application/config/paypal.php and edit the paypal.php file


Activate PayPal Gateway

  • go to www.yourwebsite.com/admin and login with an admin account, then activate the PayPal gateway in settings menu


Configuring Paystack

Add Paystack API keys

  • go to .. /public_html/application/http/controllers/PaystackController.php and edit the PaystackController.php file


  • in PayStack developer dashboard go to Test Callback URL replace http:\\domain.com with your domain name


Activate Paystack Gateway

  • Activate the Paystack gateway in settings menu. ( process described here )

Configuring Stripe

Add Stripe API keys

  • Set STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY and STRIPE_SECRET_KEY ( line 26 and 27 ) in the .env file described in step 2

Activate Stripe Gateway

  • Activate the Stripe gateway in settings menu. ( process described here )

The file storage

  • Copy the symbolic link folder storage from .. /public_html/application/public/ to .. /public_html/